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  • TPMS parts related problems

    Problem description 1:

    A 2005 or older vehicle model has an illuminated TPMS light.


    Probably it’s the tire pressure control modules that are worn out due to a too long service. Please use an Autel tool to detect TPMS trouble codes and confirm failure causes. Repair or replace worn-out parts, for example a transmitter, receiver or sensor.

    Problem description 2:

    My vehicle had a collision. Now my TPMS light stays on. What do I do?


    A collided vehicle may have either broken tire pressure control modules or broken sensors or even both. Please use an Autel tool to check both sensor information and control modules.

    If any unusual value, replace the damaged sensors with Autel sensors. Then relearn new sensors into your vehicle by strictly following our advised relearn procedures.

    If TPMS troubles codes are found, or if you cannot complete the relearn after installing Autel sensors even you stick to the step-by-step relearn procedures, repair or replace the damaged parts based on the failure causes you find. 

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