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Registration & Update

TS508 & TS408 registration & update application: Maxi_PCSuit_V1.18
Click "Maxi_PCSuit_V1.18" to download the application and install it on your PC.


Click “Maxi PC Suite” to download the application and install “Maxi PC Suite” on your PC.

Unzip and Install Maxi PC Suite. Once installed, the Maxi PC Suite shortcut displays on the desktop.

Double-click on the Maxi-PC Suite icon and the application will launch.


Use the USB cable to connect the TS508 to the computer.

Select My Device on the tool and press Y button.

Select Update and press Y button to place the tool in Update Mode.


The application will scan the tool serial number. A message will display if the tool is not registered.

Fill in your email address as the Autel Account to register the tool.

A verification code will be sent to your email address.

(If your email address has been signed up before, just fill in your Autel ID password.)


Come to your email box and find the verification code from your email.

Enter the verification code. Create and input a Password in the space provided.

Click the Sign Up button. Your tool has now been registered with your email address as the Your Autel Account.


The application will display a listing of available updates.Click Update button to initiate download.

Wait for the updates to complete. The update process can be monitored on the display. 


Downloaded software will overwrite and replace existing software on tool.

The message “Program Update End” will display on tool once completed.

When the application displays “Install Completed,” you may disconnect USB cable from PC and Tool.